Art on Adams (Adams Ave Art Walk) 2013

Just some of the sights we saw on our visit to the Adams Ave art walk about a month ago. The Meca-Giraffe was supposedly a fully functioning robot that would respond to your interactions with it and the old yellow fire-truck had a BBQ on the back and seemed to be some kind of party/fire-truck. I saw a lot of great art which I didn’t photograph but hopefully you get the idea. Its worth checking out to be sure.

Studio Tapu space as of June 2013.

Studio Tapu Space bone carving studioStudio Tapu space as of June 2013.

I used a panoramic feature on my phone to capture this shot but it is actually a very narrow patio which runs down the aside of our apartment and out onto a larger bbq area in the back. The studio is very messy right now and I am working on too many projects at once to keep things organized.

Below is the latest addition to Studio Tapu. I’ve come to a point with carving where keeping the studio clean and dust free is crucial not just for my health but also just to keep me motivated. This Shop-Vac was about $60 and a pretty good deal for what it is I think. I have it rigged up to attach to a vent on my work-bench and also to attach to a vent inside the carving chamber. The hose is pretty long so its easy to give the studio a once over after working but because it is quite powerful I have to be careful not to get it too close to any of the little accessories i use for carving etc.