Dr. M Hruby Memorial Bone Carving Sculpture – Bone Sculpture

HrubyFlameMemorialThis sculpture was commissioned by my father-in-law before he unexpectedly passed away. I hadn’t made any sculptures before but he looked through a sketchbook I had and picked out the original design for this one telling me I could easily make it. Mark was a great guy and we all miss him. He believed in my work and contributed in many ways including building a special bone carving chamber to reduce noise and exposure to bone dust. The sculpture now sits on top of the fireplace in the Hruby family home.

This is a repost of a sculpture I made a couple years ago. The photos of the sculpture in progress are on my old blog here: http://artbytimjepson.blogspot.com/2011/08/studio-tapu-sculpture-hruby-flame.html

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