Tiki Bone Carving Pendant by Tim Jepson
 TIKI - bone
Wave Bone Carving by Tim Jepson
 WAVE - bone
Vertical Antler Bone Carving by Tim Jepson
 ANTLER1 - bone
Horizontal Antler Bone Carving by Tim Jepson
 ANTLER2 - bone
Wishbone Bone Carving Pendant by Tim Jepson
 WISHBONE - bone
Cacoon Bone Carving by Tim Jepson
 COCOON - bone
Tentacle Bone Carving by Tim Jepson
  TENTACLE - bone
Taniwha Bone Carving by Tim Jepson
 TANIWHA - bone
Sea Spirit Bone Carving by Tim Jepson
 SEA SPIRIT - bone

Welcome to studiotapu.com

My name is Tim Jepson and I am a New Zealand born bone carver currently living in San Diego, California. My passion for bone carving dates back to my childhood, and I am very lucky to lead a life-style which allows me to spend time creating art. As with many artists, I have a day job -- I'm a Technology Facilitator with a educational program called School In The Park located in San Diego's cultural center, Balboa Park. Apart from getting to work with kids and play with all the latest gadgets, the best part of my job is that my work takes me into the many museums at the park as well as the San Diego Zoo. Being immersed in culture and technology at work inspires and informs my art.


After moving to San Diego so my wife could attend UCSD's Bioengineering PhD Program, I became very homesick. To reconnect with my culture I started bone carving again, and Studio Tapu was born. For me, bone is a medium like any other in carving--even though I respect the Maori tradition of bone carving, I myself do not make traditional pieces. Some of my designs are based on Maori motifs; however, most are my own original designs, reflecting events and concepts in my life. Studio Tapu began as a way to reconnect with NZ culture, but over time, as I have come to embrace Southern California, it has become more of a life-style involving bone dust, surfing and boston terriers!


To purchase a bone carving, either contact me via our contact page or use the PayPal button to add the product to your PayPal cart. You do not have to have a Paypal account to purchase via Paypal. Please note carvings may take up to 2-3 weeks to arrive depending on demand. An additional $7 fee for shipping and handling is charged upon purchase. California residence please contact me directly so I can include tax in your transaction.


If you have an idea for a bone carving that you would like to commission, please contact me to discuss the possibilities.


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